The Multiplication Table


Teaching your child the multiplication table

This ebook teaches your child how to associate the questions with the answers. Your child has to learn the multiplication table, and this is easier than by rote.

The clue to the answer is shown with the correct number using the multiplier and the multiplicand as the associated answer. Correlating the clue to the answer reinforces it in your child’s memory. For example: 9 x 7 = 63; the clue is, what 2 numbers add up to 9? The answer = 63!

I’ve also included as an added bonus, ‘A Short Way to Teach Long Division’. Once your child learns the multiplication table, division becomes a snap! It’s multiplying in reverse!

I created this mnemonic device which associates each set of numbers with the answer. For example, again: 6 x 8 =? The clue: What is ½ of 8? The answer is 4; put it in front of the 8 and the answer = 48.

First I did this with the whole table of 144 multiplication questions, supplying the clues and the answers. Then I tested it out with children I worked in class with who were learning the table by rote, and they learned the whole table in ½ the time and with greater accuracy than any other students. I found that my system works!


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