The House Buyer’s Analyzer


7 steps to finding your dream house

For most of us, buying a house is the most important financial decision of our lives, and thee are lots of people who can help you. But who helps us with the emotional side of the decision? Many of us walk around with a picture of the dream house we'd really like to live in. Then when we go out looking for a house, we'll measure everything we see up against that picture — whether it's realistic or not. In this area we have little to go on — or measure — other than our feelings.

The House Buyer's Analyzer was designed to help you — and help the real estate agent help you — find and put a bid on a house that's as close to the ideal you have in mind as is realistically possible.

The House Buyer's Analyzer deals with emotional considerations. There are seven considerations and seven steps to the process– that allows you to define and express your considerations in an objective manner. The seven steps outlined in this booklet will help you and your agent find the house you want.


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