The Emotional Toolbox


The everyday guide to managing your life in good health

When you interact with another person, you are either a Consumer or a Supplier of information or action. Consumers receive things, take things; Suppliers give things, offer things.

The purpose in life as a Consumer is to get what you want and not get what you don’t want.

The purpose in life as a Supplier is to give what you want and not give what you don’t want to give.

The tools that you’ll learn to use are communication tools, language tools. They express our thoughts, ideas, and attitudes that must be put into motion – by doing.

These tools will help you build what you always wanted to build, and drop the baggage that has previously gotten in the way of your success. You will learn how to resolve upsets that you may have presently, in the past, or even in the future.

You already have the power to create your life the way you want it to be; these tools will remind you how to use it – anytime, anywhere.


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