The Competitive Edge


What is your business really known for?
Would you like to know why your customers really buy from you? Do you really know what your competitive edge is? If you don’t know or would like to create one, this is the book for you!

This ebook compares the expectations of what CEO’s, presidents, operating officers, and managers want their business and/or divisions to be known for, against the reality of why their customers buy their products. We call this, the ‘KF’ (known for) qualities.

Your competitive edge is derived from the ‘known for’ characteristics of your business. These ‘KF’ characteristics are derived from the ‘key business resources’ that you use to fill your customers orders. The key business resources (KBR’s) are the glue that holds the organization together. They are the kinds of resources needed to produce the deliverable, and create the ‘known for’ factors that give the business its competitive edge.

This ebook will take you through the steps, one-by-one, to help you establish your competitive edge and at the same time, create a table of organization manual ( T/O) for your whole organization by function.
You will see, at a glance, what is and what is not working in your organization, and who are the people responsible for all the activities in your organization. Consultants charge tens of thousands of dollars and spend hundreds of hours defining a company’s strengths and weaknesses to create a competitive edge for them. This book will do it for you and you will be able to monitor your company’s progress anytime you want to, using it as a guide.

What are you waiting for? Start increasing your bottom line now!


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