After being in a family business for 55 years, I decided to retire and devote my time to writing self-improvement books. I have taken many courses in various areas of psychology and self-help and I always liked teaching, and while living in New York City for a while, I became an after-school tutor working with the board of education, teaching one-on- one with 5th graders. I was given free-reign and taught any subjects that the students needed, including reading, writing, and math. It was easy. I simply went on Google® and entered, “how do I…and filled in what I needed to teach them. I was always a day ahead of them.

The world’s knowledge is in your computer, ever ready to be tapped from all of the libraries in the world, just waiting for you to just ask the questions. It’s not a matter today to know the answers. It’s only a matter of knowing where to go to get them.

Among other things, I became a professional magician and enjoyed the years of entertaining people at parties, restaurants, trade-shows and hospitality suites. I’m often challenged by youngsters who tell me they don’t like to read because it’s boring, or they simply have no grasp of what it means to begin to explore the world through reading.

I agree with them, and then I pull a coin out from the back of their ear. Wow! Do I now have their attention, and they want to know how I did it. I tell them that I learned how from reading it in a book on magic and would they too like to read how to do it? The answer is always ‘yes’, and now I had them hooked on reading!

I moved to SC where I taught 3rd and 4th graders how to comprehend what they read among other things. The 14 ebooks that I wrote cover diverse subjects and interests that I learned through my experiences and with the help of some very smart people with whom I had the wisdom to listen to.

I am also available for consulting services on the subjects discussed in my ebooks. If you need a lecturer for your group or for consultation on personal or business issues, please contact me at,

Zalman Puchkoff